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Custom Jeeps: Custom Parts and Equipment Coverage

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Accidents are inevitable, especially in Los Angeles, CA. If you were involved in an accident with your customized Jeep, the first thing you are probably concerned about are the after market parts. If you installed after market jeep/off-road parts on your vehicle, its recommend to check with your car insurance company to make sure you are not voiding out your current car insurance contract.

Jeep Custom Parts and Equipment (CPE) Coverage

CPE insurance coverage policies covers permanently installed custom parts or equipment, devices, accessories, enhancements and changes other than those installed by the original manufacturer, that alter the performance or appearance of your vehicle. If you were involved in an accident in your Jeep, you may be able to recover monies for damage to custom jeep parts and jeep accessories.

Customized Parts and Equipment (CPE) Coverage

Generally, policy terms vary, however, customized equipment that generally is covered includes:

  • Special equipment such as running boards, brush bars, roll bars, undercarriage lighting, fog lights, bed liners, camper shells, trailer hitches, special roofs, etc.
  • Customized wheels – such as alloy or magnesium wheels or wheel overs, aluminum wheels or wire spoke wheels
  • Special tires – off-roading tires, racing slicks, oversize tires or custom wide-tread tires
  • Spoilers, suspensions or performance-related equipment.

What If I don’t have custom parts and equipment coverage?

If your insurance policy does not include custom parts or equipment is damaged, comprehensive coverage may likely not cover jeep custom parts, unless you have this coverage. This would leave you personally responsible for the repair or replacement costs. In a nutshell, its advisable to get custom part equipment coverage endorsement to ensure your Jeep aftermarket parts are covered in the event you are involved in an accident.


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